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About Joe

Joe Ligotti is a tough talking, blue collar, card carrying Teamster and  regular guy.  What started his career in the media as an internet sensation was sending raw and edgy political  You Tube video rants to his nephew, who at the time was serving in the United States Marine Corps in Iraq & Afghanistan. The videos went viral throughout the military  and the internet. They got Joe recognized by Neil Cavuto a Fox News VP and personality.  Joe has been a regular on Neil’s news program “Your World” and Fox Business “Bulls & Bears.” The national exposure landed Joe an appearance on the couch with Jay Leno on “The Tonight Show.”

Joe also has done work for local Fox affiliate Channel 25 and the popular nightly news magazine “Chronicle.” Joe has enjoyed his appearances especially on the  very popular food program “Phantom Gourmet” of course as Joe proclaims, “He’s a professional fat guy!”

Joe opinions vary. His motto is “I’m not right, I’m not left, I’m just right! I think people put too many labels on themselves and ideas. Being a Republican or Democrat is never more important as being an AMERICAN first!”

Tune into Joe every Saturday to have a “Common Sense conversation” and remember Joe “LOVES to debate but it’s always without Hate!”